Caminemos pisando las sendas de nuestra inmensa felicidad

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Caminemos pisando las sendas de nuestra inmensa felicidad
English: Let Us Tread the Path of Our Immense Happiness
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National anthem of  Equatorial Guinea
LyricsAtanasio Ndongo Miyone
MusicRamiro Sánchez López

Caminemos pisando las sendas de nuestra inmensa felicidad (Let Us Tread the Path of Our Immense Happiness) is the national anthem of Equatorial Guinea.

Composition and use[edit]

It was written by Atanasio Ndongo Miyone. The music was composed by Ramiro Sánchez López, who was a Spanish Lieutenant and the deputy director of music at the army headquarters located in Madrid. He received a prize of 25,000 pesetas for composing the music. The lyrics of the anthem were influenced by the end of Equatorial Guinea's colonization, with anti-colonization being a main theme.[1]

The anthem was first used on Equatorial Guinea's independence day, October 12, 1968, and has been in use ever since.[1]


Spanish lyrics Portuguese lyrics French lyrics Fang lyrics English translation
First stanza

Caminemos pisando la senda
De nuestra inmensa felicidad.
En fraternidad, sin separación,
¡Cantemos Libertad!

Caminhemos sob a trilha
De nossa imensa felicidade,
Em fraternidade, sem barreiras,
Cantemos Liberdade!

Laissez-nous marcher sur le chemin
De notre immense bonheur,
Dans la fraternité, sans séparation,
Chantons la Liberté!

Let us walk the path
Of our great happiness.
In brotherhood, without separation,
Freedom Sing!

Second stanza

Tras dos siglos de estar sometidos
Bajo la dominación colonial,
En fraterna unión, sin discriminar,
¡Cantemos Libertad!

Após dois séculos de submissão
Ao domínio colonial,
Em fraterna união, sem preconceito,
Cantemos Liberdade!

Après deux siècles d'être soumis
Pour la domination coloniale,
Dans l'union fraternelle, sans discrimination,
Chantons la Liberté!

After two centuries of being subjected
Under colonial rule,
In fraternal union, without discrimination,
Freedom Sing!

Chorus (×2)

¡Gritemos Viva, Libre Guinea,
Y defendamos nuestra Libertad.
Cantemos siempre, Libre Guinea,
Y conservemos siempre la unidad.

Gritemos Viva, Livre Guiné,
E defendamos nossa liberdade
Gritemos Viva, Livre Guiné,
E conservemos sempre a unidade.

Laissez-nous pleurer, Vive libre Guinée,
Et laissez-nous défendre notre liberté
Laissez-nous pleurer Vive libre Guinée,
Et Restons toujours unis..

Let us shout live Guinea,
Defend our freedom.
Sing always free Guinea,
And always retain the unity.

Fourth stanza

Y conservemos, Y conservemos
La independencia nacional.
Y conservemos, Y conservemos
La independencia nacional.

E conservemos sempre
A independência nacional.
E conservemos, e conservemos,
A independência nacional.

Et laissez-nous toujours de conserver
L'indépendance nationale
Et laissez-nous conserver, et laissez-nous à conserver,
L'indépendance nationale.

And always preserve
National independence
And we preserve and conserve
National independence.

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