Camouflage Nights

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Camouflage Nights
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres Electronic rock, indie rock
Years active 2005-present
Associated acts Thrush Hermit
Members Rob Benvie
Ian McGettigan

Camouflage Nights is a Canadian electronic rock band from Toronto fronted by Rob Benvie and Ian McGettigan.


Benvie and McGettigan had worked together in the Halifax indie band Thrush Hermit.[1] After Thrush Hermit disbanded in 1999, the two started Camouflage Nights as their own project. The two were backed up by a variety of musicians, including Nobu Adilman.[2]

Camouflage Nights performed at music events in Canada and the US, including the CMJ Music Festival in New York in 2005,[3] the Pop Montreal festival in 2007,[4] and as part of Canada Music Week in Toronto in 2008.[5]

After a string of tour dates and limited releases,including the single "It Could Be Love (Make Mine)", [6] the band's self-titled debut LP — long delayed due to label complications — was released by Sonic Unyon Records in April 2012.[7] The album's material, dating back to 2004, includes contributions by Buck 65, Feist, and Matt Murphy.[8] The album received mixed reviews.[9]

Camouflage Nights has remixed artists such as Stars,[10] Every Move a Picture, Pony Da Look.

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