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Camp Bidwell, later Camp Chico, was a U.S. Army post during the American Civil War. Camp Bidwell was named for John Bidwell, the founder of the nearby town of Chico, California and a that time a Brigadier General of the California Militia. It was established a mile outside Chico, by Lt. Col. Ambrose E. Hooker with Company A, 6th California Infantry, on August 26, 1863. Although a Company F, 2nd California Cavalry and Company K, 2nd California Infantry under Captain Augustus W. Starr had been there from July 31, 1863, Lt. Col. Hooker moved the camp to a new location for its better defense and for better sanitation.

By early 1865, it was being referred to as Camp Chico when a post called Camp Bidwell was established in the far northeastern corner of California, later to be named Fort Bidwell.[1] Observing confusion between the two,[2] Robert W. Pease explained that such a transfer of name between outposts was a common Army practice of the time.[3]


  • Lt. Colonel Ambrose E. Hooker, August 26, 1863 - October 20, 1863
  • Captain Augustus W. Starr, October 20, 1863 - April 1864
  • Captain James C. Doughty, June 1864 - May 1865



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