Camp Casablanca

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Camp Casablanca was a military base located in the city of Suva Reka, Kosovo. From 1999 to 2012 it has been home to many foreign NATO troops, including German forces, and it occasionally houses U.S. troops as well. Austrian and Swiss troops were also located here.[1] The camp was originally established by the German Army to maintain a NATO peacekeeping presence after the Kosovo War of 1999. The base is still operational as of 2007.

Since 2000 the Camp only housed Austrian, German and Swiss troops. It was the Headquarters of the Task Force "DULJE", named after the mountain pass near Suva Reka.


Coordinates: 42°20′53″N 20°49′23″E / 42.34806°N 20.82306°E / 42.34806; 20.82306