Camp Century

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Camp Century
Part of Project Iceworm
Near Qaanaaq in Greenland
Camp Century layout plan.png
Plan of base
Camp Century is located in Greenland
Camp Century
Camp Century
Site information
OwnerUnited States Army
Site history
In use1959–1967 (1967)

Camp Century was an Arctic United States military scientific research base in Greenland.[1] It is situated 240 km east of Thule Air Base. It was part of Project Iceworm to install sites for launching nuclear missiles in Greenland. Powered by a nuclear reactor, the camp operated from 1959 until 1967. The base consisted of 21 tunnels with a complete length of 3000 m.


Construction on the camp and the sub-glacial nuclear reactor began without explicit permission from the government of Denmark, leading to a political dilemma for Prime Minister H. C. Hansen.[2]

Scientific research[edit]

Ice core samples from Camp Century were used to create stable isotopes analyses used to develop climate models.[3][4][5]

Further reading[edit]


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Coordinates: 77°10′00″N 61°08′00″W / 77.1667°N 61.1333°W / 77.1667; -61.1333