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Camp Chayos Hakodesh is a summer day camp located in Denver. This camp is geared to Frum Jewish boys. This camp was started in 2007, in the center of the West Side Denver Jewish community. The director of this camp is Rabbi Chaim Sher, and the assistant director until 2014 was Rabbi Aharon Yechiel Rosskamm.[1] This camp caters to Frum Jewish boys in elementary and middle school. This camp has had boys from the Denver area as well as from all around the country and Israel as well.[2] The camp generally runs for five weeks starting either in the end of June or beginning of July.[3]

This camp starts off with a serious Torah learning program in the morning. In the afternoon they have many activities, trips, sports and swimming.[4]

In 2012 this camp was declared "Number one camp in all of North America" by Judge Andre L. Rudolph.[5]


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