Camp Chezar

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Camp Chezar
كامب شيزار
Camp Chezar is located in Egypt
Camp Chezar
Camp Chezar
Location in Egypt
Coordinates: 31°13′13″N 29°56′32″E / 31.220289°N 29.942107°E / 31.220289; 29.942107Coordinates: 31°13′13″N 29°56′32″E / 31.220289°N 29.942107°E / 31.220289; 29.942107
Country  Egypt
Governorate Alexandria
City Alexandria
Time zone EST (UTC+2)

Camp Chezar (Arabic: كامب شيزار‎‎; also spelled Camp Shezar[1]) is a neighborhood in Alexandria, Egypt. It contains a cemetery that dates back to the 3rd century BC (Ptolemaic era).

Origin of the name[edit]

It is spelled with French orthography as French was the most common foreign language in Egypt at the time of its inception. The name consists from English: "camp" and Italian: "Caesar", [ˈtʃeːzar], Francized as [ʃeˈzar], Egyptian Arabic pronunciation: [ˈkæmp(e) ʃeˈzɑːɾ].

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Camp Shezar كامب شيزار


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