Camp Delta Standard Operating Procedures

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Map of Camp Delta from "Camp Delta Standard Operating Procedures".

The Camp Delta Standard Operating Procedures is a document that was written under the authority of Geoffrey D. Miller when he was the officer in charge of Joint Task Force Guantanamo.[1][2] This leaked document was published on WikiLeaks on Wednesday November 7, 2007.

According to Wired magazine, the 238-page document was dated March 28, 2003, and was signed by Miller.[1] Wired reports that the American Civil Liberties Union had requested the release of the document under the Freedom of Information Act in October 2003.

Wired reports that Miller specified four levels of access the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) would be allowed to captives:[1]

  • No Access
  • Visual Access – ICRC can only look at a prisoner's physical condition.
  • Restricted Access – ICRC representatives can only ask short questions about the prisoner's health.
  • Unrestricted Access

Wired reports that spokesmen from the Department of Defense declined to comment on the leak.[1] The Associated Press reports that Army Lieutenant Colonel Ed Bush called the manual out-of-date.[2] According to Lieutenant Colonel Bush, AP reports, dogs are no longer used, and the Red Cross is no longer denied access to any of the captives.


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