Camp Freddy

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Camp Freddy
Origin Los Angeles, California, USA
Genres Hard rock
Years active 2002 (2002)–2014 (as Camp Freddy)
Associated acts Guns N' Roses, The Cult, Jane's Addiction, The Panic Channel, Velvet Revolver, Ozzy Osbourne, Godsmack, Linkin Park, Stone Temple Pilots, Tiffany
Past members Scott Weiland
Scott Ford

Camp Freddy was a hard rock group of established musicians who played rock and roll covers at various shows around America from 2002 through 2014 under the name Camp Freddy. The band consisted of core members Matt Sorum (drums), Dave Navarro (guitars), Billy Morrison (guitars), Donovan Leitch, Jr. (vocals) and Chris Chaney (bass guitars). Each performance featured guest appearances from many respected musicians.[1]

Billy Morrison of Camp Freddy - live in concert
Scott Ford, formerly of Camp Freddy - live in concert
Greg Dulli performing with Camp Freddy (bass player Chris Chaney in background)


The band's name is derived from a character in the 1969 film The Italian Job. Guitarist Billy Morrison described them as: "...not a band, but it is also way more than a jam session; Camp Freddy is an ‘Occasional Happening’, a freak of (Hollywood) nature."

Scott Weiland was a core member and vocalist for the band from March 2006 until April 2008, when his decision to leave Velvet Revolver for Stone Temple Pilots caused tension between Matt Sorum and Weiland. His departure from the group was announced on the April 2, 2008 edition of Camp Freddy Radio. Camp Freddy, with producer Mike Clink, were reportedly recording an album which would mirror their live shows, with guests performing on each track. So far, two tracks have been released: Cheap Trick's "Surrender" and Slade's "Merry Xmas Everybody". In 2009, Billy Morrison stated that "there will be a record. One day! When we all get around to finishing what we started."[2]

On Saturday evenings, band members - usually Morrison and Navarro - hosted a radio show from 6:00-8:00 on the Los Angeles-based Indie 103.1 FM radio station. In January 2014 " The band's final show was on December 31, 2013.[3]


Former members[edit]

(2006–2008–2009–2010–2012; died 2017)

Recurring Guest Members[edit]


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