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Camp Quest UK
Camp Quest UK Logo.png
Formation 2008
Samantha Stein
Website Camp Quest UK

Camp Quest UK is a British summer camp which aims to promote critical thinking in children.


Camp Quest is a non-religious summer camp for children which started in the United States in 1996.[1] After reading about Camp Quest in Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion Samantha Stein volunteered at one and was prompted into starting a similar camp in the UK.[2] Camp Quest UK was started by Stein and a group of volunteers in 2008, supported by a grant from the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, and hosted its first camp in 2009 in Somerset for children aged 8-17.[1][2][3] The camp is an alternative to traditional faith-based camps such as those run by local churches.[citation needed]

At Camp Quest UK, participants discuss philosophical ideas, learn about subjects such as astronomy, and take part in traditional camp activities.[1] The camp aims to promote co-operation, tolerance, and empathy, and teaches children how to think for themselves on matters such as religion and ethics.[4][5] During the first Camp Quest UK in 2009, attendees were tasked with proving that an invisible unicorn didn't exist; aimed to show that a negative cannot be proven.[3]


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