Lake Spaulding Dam

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Lake Spaulding Dam from Emigrant Gap vista point off Interstate 80
Yuba River watershed
Lake Spaulding Dam overflowing in 1914

Lake Spaulding Dam[1] (National ID # CA00358) is a dam in Nevada County, California.

Owned and operated by Pacific Gas & Electric for hydroelectric power generation, the 275-foot (84 m)-high dam was designed by John R. Freeman and completed in 1913 .[2][3]

It impounds the South Fork of the Yuba River, which originates near Donner Pass. At the time of construction it was the highest dam in California,[4] and one of ten PG&E hydroelectric facilities.[5] A temporary camp called Camp Spaulding, California was established to house workers on the dam during its construction.

Lake Spaulding, the reservoir created by the dam, has a capacity of 74,773 acre feet (92,231,000 m3)[2] and supports recreational camping, boating, fishing, and underwater diving.[6]

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