Long Beach Area Council

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Long Beach Area Council (#032)
Long Beach Area Council CSP.png
Owner Boy Scouts of America
Headquarters Long Beach, California
Country United States
Founded 1919
Scout Executive John Fullerton
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The Long Beach Area Council (LBAC), headquartered in Long Beach and founded in 1919, is one of five Boy Scouts of America councils in Los Angeles County, California.[1] [2]


  • Los Fierros District
  • Polaris District


Honor camping societies[edit]

The Long Beach Area Council did not have an Order of the Arrow lodge for many years, but used only its camping honor society, the Tribe of Tahquitz.[4] The Tribe of Tahquitz continues today, but on January 15, 2012[5] the Long Beach Area Council formed an Order of the Arrow lodge. The new Order of the Arrow Lodge held its first Ordeal the weekend of May 18-20 where the new lodge name, Puvunga Lodge 32, and totem, the porpoise, were chosen.[6] The Lodge was named Puvunga because it was an ancient village and burial site thought to have once been populated by the Tongva people, who are the indigenous inhabitants of the region around Los Angeles, California.[7]

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