Camp Winnarainbow

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Camp Winnarainbow
Performing arts
Camp Winnarainbow is located in California
Camp Winnarainbow
Camp Winnarainbow
Location in California
Coordinates: 39°44′56″N 123°32′02″W / 39.74889°N 123.53389°W / 39.74889; -123.53389
Country United States
State California

Camp Winnarainbow is a circus and performing arts camp for all ages, founded and run by Wavy Gravy.[1][2] The camp adjoins the Hog Farm commune near Laytonville, California.


Classes that campers can attend include trapeze, juggling, improvisation, tightrope, gymnastics, acting/drama, unicycle, stilt walking, (in some sessions) clown philosophy, art, and magic. Campers are given total freedom as to which classes they want to attend on a daily basis.

The camp has ties to individuals and organizations from the founder's counter-culture background. Danny Rifkin, a former co-manager of the Grateful Dead, has served on the camp's board[3] and the camp has received funding from The Bill Graham Foundation.[4]

The main camp is for children ages 7-14, and runs for 1 week in the "A" session and 2 weeks in sessions "B" through "E". Camp Winnarainbow also runs a program for adults[5] who have "forgotten how to lighten up and let loose,"[6] and a program for teenagers ages 15-17.


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