Camp Winnarainbow

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Camp Winnarainbow
Performing arts
Camp Winnarainbow is located in California
Camp Winnarainbow
Camp Winnarainbow
Location in California
Coordinates: 39°44′56″N 123°32′02″W / 39.74889°N 123.53389°W / 39.74889; -123.53389
Country United States
State California

Camp Winnarainbow is a circus and performing arts camp for all ages, founded and originally run by Wavy Gravy.[1][2] The camp adjoins the Hog Farm commune near Laytonville, California.


Classes that campers can attend include aerials (trapeze, silks, and Spanish web), juggling, improvisation, tightrope, gymnastics, acting/drama, unicycle, stilt walking, clowning and clown philosophy, art, and magic. Campers are given total freedom as to which classes they want to attend on a daily basis, with two mandatory periods offered in the morning and optional classes offered at free time in the afternoon.

The camp has ties to individuals and organizations from the founder's counter-culture background. Danny Rifkin, a former co-manager of the Grateful Dead, has served on the camp's board[3] and the camp has received funding from The Bill Graham Foundation.[4]

The main camp is for children ages 7-14, with some 15 year olds also attending, and runs for 1 week in the "A" session and 2 weeks in sessions "B" through "E". Camp Winnarainbow also runs a program for adults[5] who have "forgotten how to lighten up and let loose,"[6] and two programs (teen staff and teen camp) for teenagers ages 15-17.


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