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Wycliffe Bible Translators USA (also known as Wycliffe USA) is an interdenominational nonprofit organization with a stated goal to "see a Bible translation program in progress in every language still needing one by 2025." Wycliffe USA was founded in 1942 by William Cameron Townsend and is a member of the Wycliffe Global Alliance. There are currently separate Wycliffe organizations in over 60 countries.[1] The organizations are named after John Wycliffe, who was responsible for the first complete English translation of the whole Bible into Middle English.

As of June 2017, translations of either portions of the Bible, the New Testament, or the whole Bible exist in over 3,300 of the 7,099 languages used on Earth.[2]

Philosophy and methods[edit]

Wycliffe USA bases its philosophy on Townsend's Protestantism which regards the intercultural and multilinguistic spread of Christianity as a divine command. Protestantism, including this organization, adheres to the principle of sola scriptura and regards biblical texts as the authoritative and infallible word of God.[3]

Wycliffe USA is based in Orlando, FL, but partners with many organizations and churches around the world to help facilitate the work of Bible translation. It is the largest of the many independent Wycliffe organizations that together are part of Wycliffe Global Alliance, which has its headquarters in Singapore.[4]

Associated organizations[edit]

SIL International, originally the Summer Institute of Linguistics, began as a small summer training session for missionaries in Arkansas in 1934. It is a partner organization of the Wycliffe Global Alliance and Wycliffe USA.

A partner organization of SIL International, JAARS, originally the Jungle Aviation And Radio Service, based out of Waxhaw, NC, provides critical transportation and technical solutions for SIL in support of Bible translation across the globe.[5]

The Seed Company is a subsidiary of Wycliffe USA that provides support to people doing Bible translations for their own languages.

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