Camp des Loges

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Camp des Loges
P1070571 Entrainement PSG Stade Georges Lefevre.JPG
Address 7 Kennedy Avenue,
Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France
Type Football Training Complex
Genre(s) PSG CFA team
PSG Youth teams
PSG Féminines
Built 1904
Opened 4 November 1975
Renovated 4 November 2008
Construction cost 5m

The Camp des Loges (French pronunciation: ​[kɑ̃ de lɔʒ]) is the training centre and club headquarters of French football club Paris Saint-Germain. It is located in the commune of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, which is in the western suburbs of Paris. The Camp des Loges became the training centre of PSG in 1974. It began hosting the Reserves and Academy in 1975. The training center officially opened on 4 November 1975 and Pedro Alonso became its first director. Bertrand Reuzeau is the current director.[1] PSG temporarily vacated the Camp des Loges due to renovations in 2006.[2] The new Camp des Loges was inaugurated in 2008.[3] The Camp des Loges hosts training sessions for the senior team and also serves as the home facility for the Reserves and Academy and Female sides, which play their home matches at the Stade Georges Lefèvre.[1]


Mamadou Sakho, youngest player ever to captain PSG and a former graduate of the Camp des Loges.

The Camp des Loges was officially inaugurated on 21 June 1904, following the creation of Paris Saint-Germain's predecessor, Stade Saint-Germain. For approximately 70 years, the Camp des Loges was home to Stade Saint-Germain until the club's fusion with fellow local club Paris FC. Following the foundation of Paris Saint-Germain in 1974, the Camp des Loges began operating as a training centre for the club. The PSG training centre officially opened on 4 November 1975 with Pedro Alonso being installed as the club's first director.[1]

Located between the forest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye and military facilities, the center has been subject of debate for over a quarter century. In the early 70s, the Camp des Loges was one of the most modern facilities in the country and, on several occasions, housed the France national football team who conducted several preparatory training sessions at the facility. But as time passed, the facilities began to run old. During the mid-80s, the mayor of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, who owned the centre, invested some money with efforts to keep the Camp des Loges running efficiently. However, the investment failed to meet the requirements the centre needed to operate effectively. Because of this, then-president Francis Borelli and the leaders of the club, during the Canal+ era, denounced this situation, however, they too were unable to improve the conditions of the Camp des Loges.[1]

In March 2006, in order to modernise the centre, Paris Saint-Germain announced that the club would temporarily vacate the Camp des Loges in order for the facilities to be renovated.[2] The preparation of the terrain began in January 2008, while the first stone was laid in July 2008 and it was completed on October 24, 2008 – just over three months later. The installation of furniture and equipment began before the official inauguration on 4 November. The entire process cost 5 million. The new Camp des Loges, located 400 meters from the old, was inaugurated on 4 November 2008. The total grassed surface area, including football pitches is 24,446 m² in a total surface area of 28,888 m², it contains all the necessary amenities for a club level. This includes an aqua-therapy centre, massage room, treatment room, weight room, relaxation room, offices for staff and presidential hierarchy, press zone, recreational area, etc.[3]

The training complex in numbers:

  • 28,888 - Total Surface Area
  • 1,761 - The surface area of the new training complex building
  • 105 - In days, the construction time
  • 35 - The number of trees planted or replanted
  • 28 - The number of rooms, excluding toilets, bathrooms and storage rooms
  • 29 - The number of parking places inside the complex
  • 7.40 - In metres, the maximum height of the building
  • 6 - The number of parking places for two-wheel motorised transport
  • 5 - In millions, the number of euros the entire training complex cost

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