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Illustrator Shia LaBeouf (photographer)
Karolyn Pho (photographer)
Publisher Grassy Slope Entertainment, Inc.
Publication date
Media type Hardcover
Pages 64
ISBN 978-0-615-52986-8

Campaign is a coffee table book by Shia LaBeouf and Karolyn Pho which is attached to the project that accompanies Marilyn Manson's eighth album, Born Villain.[1][2] It was released on August 28, 2011 by LaBeouf's Grassy Slope Entertainment production company through various retailers.[3][full citation needed][4]

The book, accompanied by a short film DVD, is a visual accompaniment to Marilyn Manson and LaBeouf's Born Villain joint project.[5] It is a collection of photographs taken by LaBeouf and his girlfriend, Karolyn Pho, of posters they put up to promote Born Villain, retracing the steps of a night LaBeouf spent traversing Los Angeles with Manson.[3]

The book was made available for pre-order on August 28, 2011, preceding the screening of the Born Villain short film at L.A. Silent Theatre.[3] By ordering the book, purchasers gained entry to a book signing event followed by private screening of Born Villain at 10pm of September 1, 2011, at Hennessey + Ingalls outlet in Hollywood.[5]


While some fans' reaction to the book has been negative,[6] the book got good reviews, and the video, Born Villain, has a good rating on IMDB.[7]


Born Villain Campaign was launched on the streets of LA by way of illegally pasted handbills and via the website the by Karolyn Pho and Shia La Beouf.[8] The website dedicated to the promotional campaign was discovered via a poster on August 27, 2011.

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