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The Commission for Dark Skies (CfDS) (Formerly the Campaign for Dark Skies. The name was changed on March 29th 2015.) is the United Kingdom's largest anti-light-pollution campaign group forming part of the international dark-sky movement.

It is run by the British Astronomical Association[1] (BAA) and affiliated with the International Dark-Sky Association[2] (IDA), and composed of a network of local officers (and other members) who try to improve lighting in their areas and advise local people.

The campaign was founded in 1989 by amateur astronomers as a sub-section of the BAA specialising in combatting skyglow.[3] It is now open to non-members of the BAA, includes lighting engineers and environmentalists, and campaigns on the wider effects of light pollution.


CfDS's work with the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee on legislating against light pollution has resulted in the government including provisions in their Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Bill.[4][5]

Dark Sky Park, Island and Reserve[edit]

Members of the CfDS have been involved in the following International Dark-Sky Association designations:


In 2009, the CfDS published its handbook Blinded by the Light?.[10]


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