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Campaign for National Parks
UK Charity No 295336
First registered October 5, 1986
Expenditure 2011/2012 £711,247

The Campaign for National Parks (CNP) - formerly the Council for National Parks - is a UK registered charity promoting the National Parks of England and Wales.

Its mission statement is: CNP campaigns to protect and promote National Parks for the benefit and quiet enjoyment of all.

Its aims are:

  1. to promote the protection and conservation of national parks for the benefit of the nation,
  2. to promote the quiet enjoyment of national parks and the appreciation of their natural beauty by the public in an informed and understanding manner;
  3. to advance public education in and understanding of national parks, through the provision of education material and by other means;
  4. to promote and undertake research into issues affecting the conservation and enjoyment of national parks and to make public the useful results of any such research.

CNP is an umbrella body of around 40 environment and amenity groups, indirectly representing over 3 million people with an interest in National Park matters.

Recent work[edit]

In December 2006, CNP published Prosperity and Protection which looks at the economic impacts of National Parks in the Yorkshire and Humber region. The report demonstrates that National Parks bring economic benefits to businesses within and around them, as well as the region as a whole. National Park businesses in Yorkshire and Humber generate £1.8 billion in sales annually and support over 34,000 jobs. Visitors to the Parks are estimated to spend £400 million annually within the Parks and £260 million in the rest of Yorkshire and Humber.

CNP was active in campaigning for the new South Downs National Park. At the Public Inquiry into the designation of that National Park CNP gave evidence supporting the inclusion of the Western Weald within the South Downs National Park. In March 2009 the UK government announced that it intended to confirm the designation of the South Downs National Park. A shadow National Park Authority started work in April 2010, and the Authority proper took charge on 1 April 2011.

In 2009, CNP began the third phase of Mosaic, a project that aims to build sustainable links between black and minority ethnic communities and the National Parks. The project was extended in the south west of England to young people. In 2010 the project began work in the new South Downs National Park, and in 2011 it moved into Wales for the first time.


In 1936 a group of individuals and voluntary organisations met for the first time to start a campaign for the establishment of National Parks in Britain. The Standing Committee on National Parks set out an ambitious agenda, that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the finest countryside, and that these landscapes should be protected permanently.

Following government legislation for National Parks in 1949, the role of the Standing Committee changed. It concentrated on strengthening the powers and funding of National Parks, and being vigilant in monitoring proposals which would undermine their natural beauty and enjoyment. In 1977 it became the Council for National Parks, and in June 2008 changed to its current name.

Current campaigns[edit]

  • Military training - CNP understands the need for military training but works to ensure that its impact on National Parks is controlled, and where possible, reduced
  • Transport - working towards sustainable integrated transport throughout all National Parks in England and Wales
  • Minerals - more sustainable use of the mineral resource in National Parks so that large scale quarrying is only allowed in exceptional circumstances where there is a national need and small quarries are able to provide stone for local use such to help conserve cultural heritage
  • Energy - a reduction in the overall use of energy, greater energy efficiency and more renewable energy at an appropriate scale and location
  • LakestoDales - campaigning to extend the boundaries of the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks to include such areas as Barbondale, Mallerstang and the northern Howgills

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