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Campaign for Socialism – Momentum Scotland
Campaign for Socialism.jpg
Abbreviation CfS
Formation 1994
Headquarters Glasgow
Martyn Cook[1]
Denise Christie[2]
Vince Mills[3]
Website Official website
Formerly called
Campaign for Socialism

Campaign for Socialism (CfS) is an autonomous pressure group of Scottish Labour Party members and supporters who campaign for left-wing policies and candidates within the party.[4] In 2016, CfS agreed to merge with Momentum, a UK-wide grassroots movement supportive of Jeremy Corbyn and his leadership of the Labour Party,[5][6] becoming Campaign for Socialism – Momentum Scotland.[7][8][9]


CfS was originally formed in 1994 to campaign against the removal of Clause IV from the Labour Party's constitution.[10] By 2012, it was one of the only remaining ideological-based groupings in the party — but Gerry Hassan and Eric Shaw, writing that year, claimed that CfS "has few members, little organisational presence and has had a negligible influence on the direction of the party".[11]

CfS played a key role in organising Neil Findlay and Katy Clark's leadership bid in the Scottish Labour Party leadership election, 2014. Though unsuccessful, CfS claims the campaign "built the foundations for Jeremy [Corbyn]’s campaign just a few months later" by "giving many new, young volunteers experience and a network of contacts across the country that would help quickly mobilise an effective campaign".[12]

In 2016, Scottish Labour Young Socialists — founded in 2015[13] — became CfS's official youth wing.[14]

In 2017, five CfS members won seats on the Scottish Labour Party's national executive.[1] They called for Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale to pursue a socialist agenda and work closer with Jeremy Corbyn's team.[15]


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