Campbell River (Vancouver Island)

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The Campbell River is a river on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, draining into Discovery Passage at the northwest end of the Strait of Georgia, at the City of Campbell River, which is named for the river. The Kwak'wala name for the river, or for the village near its mouth (see Campbell River Indian Reserve No. 11), is Tla'mataxw. The source of the river is Buttle Lake.

Campbell River Falls, 1919

Name origin[edit]

The river was named for Dr. Samuel Campbell, ship's surgeon aboard the HMS Plumper from 1857 to 1861. Campbell Bay on Mayne Island and Samuel Island were also named for him, as may also have been Campbell Point on Loughborough Inlet and Campbell Island, the location of the community of Bella Bella.


Elk Falls, Campbell River

Three hydroelectric dams are located on the Campbell River: The John Hart Dam, which holds back John Hart Lake; the Ladore Dam for Lower Campbell Lake, and the Strathcona Dam for Upper Campbell Lake. The three dams provide water to the John Hart Generating Station downstream from the John Hart Dam, which accounts for about 11 percent of Vancouver Island's total electricity supply.[1]


Coordinates: 50°02′30″N 125°15′25″W / 50.04167°N 125.25694°W / 50.04167; -125.25694