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Campbellfield was a former railway station on the Upfield railway line between Upfield and Gowrie, located in the suburb of Campbellfield, Victoria just to the north of the level crossing at Camp Road. The station opened in 1889, and closed in 1956. Campbellfield Station closed because the newly created Upfield station was considered to be better located to serve the Upfield housing estate.[1] It was then demolished, with no trace remaining today.

It has been rumored that the station may be rebuilt in the not-too-distant future, due to the existence of the Campbellfield Plaza nearby, but nothing concrete has come of this as of 2016.[2] However, in April 2017, the Victorian Planning Authority released its draft plan for the area, including the construction of a station at Campbellfield.[3]

Between October and December 2017, works were carried out to remove the Camp Road boom gate controlled rail crossing. This resulted in the rail line being lowered to pass under the road, with provision made for both the installation of a second track and the construction of a possible future railway station.[4]


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Coordinates: 37°41′19″S 144°57′22″E / 37.6887°S 144.9561°E / -37.6887; 144.9561