Campbellton Middle School

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Campbelllton Middle School
Campbellton Middle School Logo.jpg
The Journey Is The Reward
80 Arran Street
Campbellton, New Brunswick, E3N 1L7
School type Middle School
Established 1925 (cornerstone)
School district Anglophone North[1]
Superintendent Beth Stymiest[2]
Principal Angela Young
Vice principal Michael Graham
Grades 5-8
Enrollment 235
Language English
Area Campbellton
Colour(s) Blue and Yellow         
Mascot Lou The Cougar
Team name Cougars
Newspaper The Courier
Feeder schools Lord Beaverbrook School
Tide Head School
Last updated: February 3, 2013

Campbelton Middle School[3] is an English middle school, with French Immersion, located in Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Student body[edit]

There are approximately 235 students enrolled at Campbellton Middle School, and classes are usually in the 20-25 range. Classes are taught for grades 5 through 8.


Operating under the name "Cougars" and "Lady Cougars", with a varsity soccer, basketball and volleyball teams. There is also a JV basketball team.

Student Council[edit]

Every year, students gather at the ending of the school year, and participate in a vote regarding the elected positions of the Student Council Executive Representatives. Willing candidates follow the proper nomination sequence, then for a week, they post posters and hand out pamphlets, where they gather support from the student body. Again in the fall, at the class level, students vote for their class representative. The roles of the Student Council Executive and Grade Representatives include: being the voices of the students, organizing school related activities such as dances, and make sure the school year is one that students and staff will enjoy, and remember for the rest of their lives.