Campeonato Rondoniense

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Campeonato Rondoniense
Country Brazil
Confederation CBF
Federação de Futebol do Estado de Rondônia
Founded 1945 (amateur era)
1991 (professional era)
Number of teams 6
Domestic cup(s) Copa do Brasil
Current champions Rondoniense
Most championships Ferroviário (17 titles, amateur era)
Ji-Paraná (9 titles, professional era)
2016 Campeonato Rondoniense

The Campeonato Rondoniense is the football league of the state of Rondônia, Brazil. Between 1945 and 1990, the league was an amateur competition. The professional league started in 1991.


First Division

  • First stage: double round-robin, in which all teams play each other home-and-away games.
  • Second stage: home-and-away playoffs with the top 4 teams of the first stage.

The winner of the second stage is crowned the champion.

The team last placed in the first stage is relegated to the second division.

As in any other Brazilian soccer championship, the format can change every year.


First Division

Second Division

List of champions[edit]

Amateur era[edit]

Professional era[edit]

Season Winner Runner-up
1991 Ji-Paraná Ferroviário (RO)
1992 Ji-Paraná Grêmio
1993 Ariquemes Porto Velho
1994 Ariquemes Ji-Paraná
1995 Ji-Paraná Pinheiros
1996 Ji-Paraná Ariquemes
1997 Ji-Paraná Ouro Preto
1998 Ji-Paraná Guajará
1999 Ji-Paraná Pinheiros
2000 Guajará Genus
2001 Ji-Paraná União Cacoalense
2002 CFA União Cacoalense
2003 União Cacoalense CFA
2004 União Cacoalense Ji-Paraná
2005 Vilhena Ji-Paraná
2006 Ulbra Ji-Paraná Vinhena
2007 Ulbra Ji-Paraná Jaruense
2008 Ulbra Ji-Paraná Vinhena
2009 Vilhena Genus
2010 Vilhena Ariquemes FC
2011 Espigão Ariquemes FC
2012 Ji-Paraná Espigão
2013 Vilhena Pimentense
2014 Vilhena Ariquemes
2015 Genus Vilhena
2016 Rondoniense Genus

Titles by team[edit]

Amateur era[edit]

Professional era[edit]

Total titles by team[edit]

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