Liga de Elite

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Liga de Elite
Country Macau
Confederation AFC
Founded 1973
Number of teams 10
Level on pyramid 1
Relegation to Campeonato da 2ª Divisão do Futebol
International cup(s) AFC Cup
Current champions Benfica de Macau (3rd title)
Most championships Lam Pak (9 titles)
Website Official website
2017 Liga de Elite

Liga de Elite (Elite League), previously known as Campeonato da 1ª Divisão do Futebol, is the top division of the Macau Football Association, created in 1973. As with the Hong Kong Premier League, it is separate from the mainland Chinese football league system, including the Chinese Super League and leagues below it. The league is generally played between January and June of each calendar year.


In the inaugural 2014 edition, Lam Pak, Lam Ieng and Kuan Tai all forfeited from the First Division before the start of the competition.[1] Lam Pak and Lam Ieng withdrew due to the lack of backing from sponsors and Kuan Tai cited budget issues and could no longer afford to pay some of its players.[1] To solve the problem of three sudden vacancies, the Macau Football Association clarified that the two clubs that were relegated in 2013, Kei Lun and MFA Development, were invited to remain, and an additional third team would come from the Second Division.[2] After careful consideration by the MFA, no team from the Second Division was picked, being deemed not competitive enough for the First Division.

Current Season[edit]

10 teams will contest the 2017 season. Cheng Fung and MFA Development were promoted from last season's Campeonato da 2ª Divisão do Futebol.

Club Year Founded Shirt Sponsor Position
Last Season
Polícia -- 7th
Cheng Fung 1988 Promoted
Lai Chi 1988 Curry Tip Restaurant 6th
Development 2005 Promoted
Tak Chun Ka I 1985 Windsor Arch 2nd
Monte Carlo 1984 DooGoo Street 4th
Chao Pak Kei 2008 Dalponte 5th
Kei Lun 1996 Korea Pavilion Restaurant 8th
Benfica de Macau 1951 Leonel Alberto Alves 1st
Sporting Clube de Macau 1926 Banco Nacional Ultramarino 3rd

Previous winners[edit]

Winners were:[3]


Year Best scorers Team Goals
2001–02 Beto Monte Carlo 19
2005 Cheang Chon Man Polícia de Segurança Pública 20
2010 Lee Keng Pan Hoi Fan 10
2011 Kamilo Silva Monte Carlo 38
2012 Gustavo Silveira Avelino
Alison Brito
Windsor Arch Ka I
FC Porto de Macau
2013 Nicholas Torrão Windsor Arch Ka I 23


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