Campeonato de Apertura (Chile)

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The Campeonato de Apertura (Opening Championship) was an annual competition for Chilean football teams at the beginning of the season. It was played from 1933 to 1950, but didn't have regularity through years, not being played in 1935, 1936, 1939, 1946 and 1948. The Campeonato de Apertura was sometimes disputed in a knock-out system, other times in a mini-league system. It is considered as the precursor of Copa Chile, Chile's official cup competition that started in 1958.

Nowadays, there are in Chilean football two national league competitions per year, one of them called Torneo de Apertura (Opening Tournament). In spite of its name, it has nothing to do with the former Campeonato initiated in 1933.


Year Champion Runner-up Score Trophy
1933 Colo-Colo Unión Española 2–1 Copa Cesar Seoane
1934 Santiago Morning Colo-Colo 4–2 Copa Apertura
1937 Magallanes Audax Italiano 2–0 Copa Apertura Aliviol
1938 Colo-Colo Audax Italiano 3–1 Copa Apertura
1940 Colo-Colo Universidad de Chile 3–2 Copa Apertura
1941 Audax Italiano Magallanes 2–1 Copa Apertura
1942 Santiago National Badminton 2–1 Copa Apertura
1943 Santiago Morning Audax Italiano 4–3 Copa Campeones
1944 Santiago Morning Audax Italiano 1–1[1] Copa Jaime Rodríguez
1944 Santiago Morning Unión Española [2] Copa Campeones
1945 Colo-Colo Unión Española [2] Copa Campeones
1947 Unión Española Iberia 2–0 Copa Preparación
1949 Santiago Morning Santiago Wanderers 3–2 Copa Preparación
1950 Santiago Morning Audax Italiano 2–2[1] Copa Carlos Varela

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ a b Santiago Morning on better goal average over entire tournament.
  2. ^ a b There was no final match, tournament played as league.