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A campervan hire agency is a specialist vehicle hire company which hires out campervans to customers. These campervans can be privately owned or company owned. Campervan hire is popular in the UK, especially for music festivals and there are several companies in the market. More recently, campervan rentals have become more popular in the U.S. Campervan hire is a category of vacation rental.

Notable features[edit]

Campervan hire agencies differ from motorhome hire agencies by stocking campervans instead of motorhomes. The differences between the two vehicle types is clear but the terminology has become cloudy over the years.

Some agencies may use the terms "motorhome" and "campervan" interchangeably which may have led to consumer confusion.

Campervan hire vehicles are generally smaller than their motorhome counterparts. The height, length and width of the vehicle will be smaller and the maximum mass will also be less. As a result, campervans will be easier to drive with some being almost like driving cars (especially campervans that are based on the Ford Transit or VW T series) and suitable for most driving licences. Contrastingly, motorhomes will offer more space and facilities. Insurance with campervan management companies is often cheaper and this results in an overall lower total hire cost.[citation needed]

International market[edit]

Campervan management companies are spread across the globe in response to the boom in the hire market. Campervan rental has become very popular in New Zealand, with many considering self-drive holidays to be one of the best way to the landscape on rural roads which are traffic-free compared to those found in other countries.[citation needed]

In the UK, campervan management companies cater to festival goers by offering a solution to the traditional rain and mud-soaked tent environment.[citation needed]