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Campfire Favourites
Location(s) TCN-9 Willoughby, New South Wales
Original network Nine Network

Campfire Favourites was an Australian television series which aired in 1956 on Sydney station TCN-9. Despite having a very brief run of less than 2 months, it is notable as one of the earliest Australian-produced television series, and for featuring Frank Ifield.

The series ended around the same time as two other early Australian series, The Johnny O'Connor Show and Accent on Strings,[1] an article in Women's Weekly suggesting the three series were unable to obtain sponsors.

Broadcast at 7:15PM on Thursdays, the 15-minute series was themed around country music. The set design (based on available except, see below) was basic, consisting of a painted backdrop of Eucalyptus trees.

Episode status[edit]

A very brief excerpt appeared in a mid-1960s television special about Australian television. The excerpt appears on YouTube.[2] This indicates that at least one of the episodes was kinescoped, kinescope recording being the method used to record live and as-live television in the days before video-tape. However, it is not known if any kinescope recordings still exist of the series today.

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