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For the youth organization "Camp Fire Girls," see Camp Fire.

Campfire Girls is a U.S. rock band from Los Angeles, California. The band formed in 1993.

Less than a year after forming in Hollywood, CA, the band signed a Major Label deal with Interscope Records. This deal would lead to the release of only one album, the Mood Enhancer EP (1995). Soon after the band members developed drug problems which resulted in the band being dropped from the label, and the group disbanding.

Years later, a new version of Campfire Girls emerged. A mostly demo version of the songs that would have been the band's first full-length album was released using recordings that were done in the mid 90's. The album was called Delongpre (2002), named after the Hollywood street the band had lived and recorded on.

A third release, Tell Them Hi (2003), received some critical praise, but their popularity did not seem to reach critical mass.


  • Christian Stone - vocals, guitar
  • Mike Semple - guitar
  • Jon Pikus - drums
  • Andrew Clark - bass
  • Kelli Scott


  • Mood Enhancer (1995) - EP
  • Delongpre (2002)
  • Tell Them Hi (2003)

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