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A 1913 Campion motorcycle
70-72 Renshaw st. Liverpool, UK, about 1909

The Campion Cycle Company was a British bicycle, cyclecar and motor cycle maker, active from 1893 to 1926 and based in Nottingham, England. In 1927 it was purchased by currys.[1]

Motor cycles[edit]

Campion motorcycles used a variety of proprietary engines including Minerva, MMC, Fafnir, Precision, Villiers, Blackburne and JAP.

They also supplied frames to other companies.

Campion Cyclecar[edit]

The Cyclecar was made only in 1913 and was powered by a JAP V twin with a rating of 8 hp. It used a friction transmission system and drove the rear wheels by a belt.[2]

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