Campo da Feiteira

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Campo da Feiteira
Campo Feiteira Benfica.jpg
Location Lisbon, Portugal
Owner Private property
Record attendance 8 000 in 23-01-1910 against Carcavelos Club
Field size 120m x 79m
Surface Dirt
Opened 1906
Closed 1911
Construction cost 80$
Grupo Sport de Benfica (1907–1908)
Grupo Sport Lisboa (1907–1908)
Sport Lisboa e Benfica (1908–1911)

Campo da Feiteira was a football dirt field in Lisbon, Portugal. It started as field for Grupo Sport de Benfica to organize Sports Festivals. On 26 May 1907, Grupo Sport de Benfica officially taken over of Quinta da Feiteira, next to Estrada de Benfica, having from now on, a 120 meters per 79 metres field, for $20 a semester. On 14 July 1907 it celebrated here, the first anniversary of Grupo Sport de Benfica.

Grupo Sport Lisboa (GSL) did not have a field in his originating area (Belém) but since some of its members were also members of GSB, they knew about Campo da Feiteira, and despite their quality, it was not used for football. So on 24 November 1907, Grupo Sport Lisboa played for the first time in Campo da Feiteira, even thought as neutral field, counting to the Lisbon Football Championship, Grupo Sport Lisboa beat Internacional (CIF).

In March 1908, Grupo Sport Benfica changes its name to Sport Clube de Benfica. On 13 September 1908, after absorbing its members and the playing field of Grupo Sport Benfica, Grupo Sport Lisboa adds Benfica to its name, becoming then Sport Lisboa e Benfica (SLB) and playing in Campo da Quinta da Feiteira.

Sport Lisboa e Benfica left after excessive rent, $400 for semester. They moved to Campo de Sete Rios.

Campo da Feiteira was converted into houses.[1]

Date Result Notes
24 November 1907 GSL 1-0 Clube Internacional Futebol First match, couting for the Lisbon Football Championship, playing as a neutral field.
25 October 1908 SLB 2-0 Sporting CP First match as Sport Lisboa e Benfica couting for the Lisbon Football Championship playing as Home team.
10 January 1909 GSL 4-0 Ajudense FC Record attendance in a Sport event in Portugal: 1000 people.
23 January 1910 SLB 1-0 Carcavelos Club Second win against Englishmen Carcavelos Club and record attendance: 8000 people
22 May 1911 SLB 2-4 Stade Bordelais Last match at Campo da Feiteira


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