Campo das Salésias

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Campo das Salésias
Full name Campo das Salésias
Location Lisbon, Portugal
Owner C.F. Os Belenenses
Operator C.F. Os Belenenses
Opened January 29, 1928
Closed 1956
C.F. Os Belenenses

Campo das Salésias, also known as Estádio José Manuel Soares, was a multi-use stadium in Lisbon, Portugal. It was initially used as the stadium of C.F. Os Belenenses matches. It was replaced by the current Estádio do Restelo in 1956. The capacity of the stadium was 25,000 spectators. It was named after José Manuel Soares, who played for Belenenses. It was the first turf field in Portugal and one of the firsts having artificial lighting. Nowadays, Belenenses are rebuilding the stadium to turn it into a field to the youngest players of club.

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