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Panoramic view of Estadio de Vallecas
Full name Campo de Fútbol de Vallecas
Former names Nuevo Estadio de Vallecas (1976–1994)
Estadio Teresa Rivero (1994–2011)
Location Puente de Vallecas, Madrid, Spain
Coordinates 40°23′31.00″N 3°39′32.26″W / 40.3919444°N 3.6589611°W / 40.3919444; -3.6589611Coordinates: 40°23′31.00″N 3°39′32.26″W / 40.3919444°N 3.6589611°W / 40.3919444; -3.6589611
Public transit MetroMadridLogoSimplified.svg Portazgo
Owner Community of Madrid
Operator Community of Madrid
Capacity 14,505
Field size 100 m × 65 m (328 ft × 213 ft)
Surface Grass
Built 1972–1976
Opened May 10, 1976 (1976-05-10)
Rayo Vallecano (1957–1972) (1976–present)[1]
Racing de Madrid (1930–1932)
Atletico de Madrid (1939–1943)

Campo de Fútbol de Vallecas (originally Nuevo Estadio de Vallecas and previously Estadio Teresa Rivero) is a football stadium in the Madrid district of Puente de Vallecas, Spain. It currently hosts football matches and is the home ground of La Liga club Rayo Vallecano. The stadium holds 14,505 spectators and was opened on 10 May 1976.[2] It was constructed between 1972 and 1976, and it also under the names Campo de Fútbol de Vallecas and Estadio Puente de Vallecas (The Bridge of Vallecas Stadium).[3]

2018 temporary closure[edit]

On 27 August 2018 the stadium was temporarily prohibited from hosting matches, until improvements had been made, as parts of the stadium were judged to be unsafe by its owners, the Community of Madrid.[4]


Campo de Fútbol de Vallecas was the venue for the 1940 Copa del Generalísimo Final, as the Copa del Rey was known during caudillo Franco's Francoist State. It was the home stadium of Racing de Madrid, from the neighboring city of Chamberí,[5] and its successor, Agrupación Recreativa Chamberí. Atletico Madrid also played their home matches at the venue between 1939–1943 after the Spanish Civil War, as their stadium, the Metropolitan, was destroyed by the war.[6]

Rayo Vallecano stadiums over time:[3]

Years Campos / Stadiums
1924—1940 Campo de la Calle de las Erillas
1940—1954 Campo de El Rodival
1957—1972 Campo de Fútbol de Vallecas
1972—1976 Campo de Vallehermoso
1976—present Campo de Fútbol de Vallecas

The chess federation of Madrid is based in the basements of the stadium. There is also a well known boxing gym called "El Rayo".[7][8][9]

On 3 August 1986, the British rock band Queen performed at the stadium as part of The Magic Tour. It was the third from last concert of the band with the original members.


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