Campus Hoopla

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Campus Hoopla
Genre Game show, Sport
Country of origin United States
Running time 30 minutes
Original network NBC
Original release December 27, 1946 – 1947

Campus Hoopla is an American game show that ran on the NBC Television network from December 27, 1946 until its cancellation in 1947.[1] The show was centered on a group of teenagers in a soda shop.


Episode status[edit]

Episode segments of live TV broadcasts (video and audio) of Campus Hoopla dating from 1947 exist in the Hubert Chain Collection of the earliest kinescopes still in existence, as preserved in the Library of Congress (Moving Image Collection). Audio recordings of live TV broadcasts of this show are also on file at the Library of Congress from the 1946–47 period, as recorded from WNBT-TV in New York (NBC's original flagship station in New York City, today's WNBC-TV).

Eva Marie Saint, the cheerleader who did live Keds sneakers commercials on this program, also talks about her performance on this early TV show along with photos in 1947 and 1949 issues of Life magazine. The show was sponsored by U.S. Rubber (makers of Keds). Billboard reviews from 1946–47 pan the show as an example of TV mediocrity, but it had a loyal following on early TV.

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