Campus Universitaire d'Edmundston

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The Simon-Larouche building at the Université de Moncton campus d'Edmundston.

Campus Universitaire d'Edmundston is the Edmundston campus of the Université de Moncton. It is the only university in northwestern New Brunswick, Canada. The campus boasts programs in different fields: humanities, business administration, education, forestry, nursing, and science.[1]


Prior to amalgamating with the Université de Moncton, the Edmundston campus was known was Collège Saint-Louis. Founded by the Eudist Fathers in 1946 as a school for boys to receive a classical education, it received its provincial charter the following year. Originally, the school was run out of former military barracks. In 1949 the current campus was built, and named the Simon-Larouche pavilion after its first rector. The Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph, an international order of nuns who ran the nearby hospital, also ran a college for females called Collège Maillet in nearby Saint-Basile. In 1953, the two institutions were granted the right to issue university degrees. Collège Saint-Louis then became Université Saint-Louis and granted degrees in the classical humanities, while Collège Maillet began granted bachelor's degrees in nursing.[2]

With the foundation of Université de Moncton in 1963, the Université de Saint-Louis agreed to revoke its university status and once again became a college. In 1973 it merged with the Collège Maillet, and adopted the new name Collège Saint-Louis-Maillet. In 1977 the new college became a campus of Moncton University. In 1985 a school of forestry sciences was founded (now called the faculty of forestry), and in 1994 it officially changed its name to Université de Moncton- Campus d'Edmundston.[3]



Coordinates: 47°22′14″N 68°18′57″W / 47.370539°N 68.315716°W / 47.370539; -68.315716