Can't Let Her Get Away

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"Can't Let Her Get Away"
Promotional single by Michael Jackson
from the album Dangerous
ReleasedNovember 26, 1991
GenreNew jack swing
LabelEpic Records
  • Michael Jackson
  • Teddy Riley
Music video
"Can't Let Her Get Away" (Audio) on YouTube

"Can’t Let Her Get Away" is a song by Michael Jackson produced by Michael Jackson and Teddy Riley. The song is the 6th track on Jackson’s 8th studio album Dangerous. It was recorded and mixed by Bruce Swedien and Teddy Riley in 1991. It was written and composed by Michael Jackson and Teddy Riley. It interpolates musical ideas from Nasty, 'Funky Drummer' and 'South Bronx'. The song is about a failing relationship between Michael and his lover. He does everything to satisfy his lover but to no avail, she breaks up with him. Michael is battling within himself throughout the song and he finally decides that he can’t let her get away. The song was reportedly re-recorded in 1993 to promote the movie The Meteor Man. It was also released as the album's promo single. It is one of the few songs in which Michael Jackson curses and does it during the song's bridge.

According to the producer of the track Teddy Riley:

“This was mostly from a sample CD that I just put together myself, and it kind of reminded me of the James Brown sound. I could feel it. I thought I'd bring a shadow of some of the greatness of the James Brown production sound to this. I made the sample CD myself – that was me playing instruments, then looping them up and having them lying around for potential projects. Back then I just had them lying around and I hadn't used them… But I really wanted to use them! Throughout the album I was drawing off a lot of CDs I had hanging around, all played by myself. I'm a multi-instrumentalist."[1]

The song was part of the setlist in The Jacksons' 2012–13 Unity Tour.


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