Can't Get Enough (Menudo album)

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Can't Get Enough
Menudo Can't Get Enough.jpg
Studio album by Menudo
Released 1986
Genre Latin pop
Length 31:18
Menudo chronology
Can't Get Enough

Can't Get Enough (1986) is the 23rd album by Menudo.

This is their third album in English and features Charlie Massó, Robi Rosa, Ricky Martin, Raymond Acevedo and Sergio Blass.

This is the third album recorded by this line-up, and would become Charlie's and Robby's last album recorded as members of the group. The songs on this album consist of five brand new songs and four songs from their Refrescante album translated into English.


  1. Summer In The Streets [3:51] - Robi Rosa
  2. We Have A Song [3:46] - Robi Rosa
  3. Tell Me How You Feel [3:31] - Raymond Acevedo
  4. No One Can Love You More [3:57] - Robi Rosa
  5. Old Enough To Love [3:22] - Robi Rosa
  6. Jumpin' Over [3:25] - Charlie Massó
  7. I Can't Spend Another Day [3:37] - Ricky Martin
  8. Stay With Me [4:00] - Robi Rosa
  9. Marie (I Need You) [3:09] - Sergio Blass