Can't Not Tour

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Intellectual Intercourse Tour
Tour by Alanis Morissette
Associated album Jagged Little Pill
Start date July 1, 1995
End date December 14, 1996
Alanis Morissette concert chronology

The Can't Not Tour (also known as Jagged Little Tour or Intellectual Intercourse Tour) is the debut concert tour by Canadian singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette. The tour supported her third studio album, Jagged Little Pill (1995).

Opening acts[edit]

Set list[edit]

  1. "The Feeling Begins" (Intro)
  2. "All I Really Want"
  3. "Right Through You"
  4. "Not the Doctor"
  5. "Hand in My Pocket"
  6. "Head over Feet"
  7. "Mary Jane"
  8. "King of Intimidation"
  9. "Forgiven"
  10. "Perfect"
  11. "Can't Not" (before it was on Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie)
  12. "You Oughta Know"
  13. "Wake Up"

Encore 1

  1. "No Pressure Over Cappuccino"
  2. "Ironic"

Encore 2

  1. "You Learn" (contains excerpts from "We Will Rock You")
  2. "Your House"

Several songs that were written on the road alternated through several positions on the set list. Other songs included "I Don't Know (The Weekend Song)", "I Don't Know (A Year Like This One)", and "Death Of Cinderella". Occasionally, covers of other bands would surface including Radiohead's "Fake Plastic Trees", The Beatles' "Happiness Is A Warm Gun", "There Are Worse Things I Could Do" from the Grease soundtrack.