Can't Stop the Machine

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Can't Stop the Machine
Can't Stop the Machine.jpg
Studio album and DVD by American Head Charge
Released United States April 3, 2007
United Kingdom April 30, 2007
Genre Alternative metal
Industrial metal
Length 70:00 (DVD)
Label Nitrus Records
Producer Matt Novak
American Head Charge chronology
The Feeding
Can't Stop the Machine

Can't Stop the Machine is a two-disc CD/DVD release by the industrial metal band American Head Charge. The audio disc contains four unreleased tracks, five live tracks and one remix.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by American Head Charge.

Can't Stop the Machine
No. Title Length
1. "All Wrapped Up" (Live) 3:27
2. "Seamless" (Live) 4:30
3. "A Violent Reaction" (Live) 4:22
4. "Downstream" 3:52
5. "Dirty" (Live) 3:25
6. "Take What I've Taken" (Live) 4:41
7. "When I Failed" 5:49
8. "To Taste Acid" 3:13
9. "Stature" 4:08
10. "Just So You Know" (Wired All Wrong Remix) 6:09


  • Tracks 7-9 are remastered tracks from the band's 1999 release Trepanation.
  • The DVD features unreleased footage with special features including the official music videos for "All Wrapped Up", "Just So You Know" and "Loyalty".
  • "Downstream" was released as a bonus track on the UK version of The Feeding.