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Can-Am United FC
Can-Am United FC.png
Official logo of Can-Am United FC
Full name Can-Am United FC
Nickname(s) Can-Am FC
Founded 2010
Captain Sweden Eric Molin
Poland Andrzej Zadora
League Canada Cup
2010 Intermediate Division
First game 3:2 win vs.
Innebandy Chicago
Largest win 9:1 win vs.
St. James FC
Largest defeat 3:0 loss vs.
Striation Six
All-time top scorer Sweden Eric Molin
United States Bo Shi
Finland Mikko Taipale
(5 points)
Home colors
Away colors

The Can-Am United Floorball Club, known simply as Can-Am United FC, is a floorball club consisting of players from both Canada and the United States.[1]

The club is one of the first ever joint Canada-U.S. floorball clubs, and will be a building block on which ties can be strengthened between both floorball in Canada and in the United States. As well, it will build a partnership between many players. The club is only the second joint team ever in the history of North American floorball, the previous being the North-American All-Star Team, which participated in the intermediate division of the 2007 Czech Open.[2]


The floorball club was created in 2010 by several North American free agent players looking for a team to participate with at the Canada Cup. After being in contact with each other and finding other players, the team registered for the tournament in the Intermediate Division.[3]

The club is a mix of three North American floorball clubs: Alaska's Arctic Floorball Monkeys, the Boston Bandyts Floorball Club, and the Edmonton Panthera Floorball Club. As well, the team has free agent players from Colorado, D.C., Massachusetts, and Vermont.

2010 Canada Cup[edit]

Roster difficulties[edit]

Originally posed to send three players to the tournament, the Edmonton Panthera could only send one, but instead were able to pick up another free agent player from the Vaughan Sharks in the form of Paul Charbonneau.

Tournament results[edit]

Can-Am FC played in the intermediate division, with their debut being on May 22, 2010 at York University, in Toronto, Ontario.[4] They won their first match by a score of 3:2 over Innebandy Chicago.[5]

After steamrolling the St. James Floorball Club by a score of 9:1, the club was shut out in its next two matches against Toronto Floorball League clubs iMove Blue Collars and Striation Six Striators by scores of 2:0 and 3:0, respectively.[6][7][8]

Following the 4 round robin matches, Can-Am United found itself tied for 4th place in their division with the iMove Blue Collars.[9] Due to tournament tiebreaker rules, the iMove Blue Collars advanced to the playoff round based on head-to-head statistics, eliminating Can-Am United from the tournament.[10]


As of May 28, 2010

Nationality Number Player Name Club
Canada 00 Paul Charbonneau Vaughan Sharks
United States 69 Matthew Ellis Boston Bandyts
United States 69 Myles Hacking Boston Bandyts

Nationality Number Player Name Club
United States 2 Zachary Meyers Arctic Monkeys
England 4 John Bailey Arctic Monkeys
United States 5 Myles Hacking Boston Bandyts
Canada 6 Paul Charbonneau Vaughan Sharks
United States 17 André Breton Arctic Monkeys
United States 18 Matthew Ellis Boston Bandyts

Nationality Number Player Name Position Club
United States 7 Bo Shi C Boston Bandyts
Switzerland 8 Daniel Wiesmann C Boston Bandyts
Finland 9 Mikko Taipale RW Boston Bandyts
Canada 10 Anton Aboukhalil RW Boston Bandyts
Sweden 11 Eric MolinC LW Boston Bandyts
Poland 15 Andrzej ZadoraC LW Edmonton Panthera

Note: Paul Charbonneau, Matthew Ellis, and Myles Hacking double as both defensemen and goalkeepers

Rankings & records[edit]

Franchise scoring leaders[edit]

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Tournament records[edit]

Year MP W L D GF GA +/-
Ontario 2010 Canada Cup 4 2 2 0 12 8 +4
Totals 4 2 2 0 12 8 +4

Head-to-head records[edit]

Opponent  MP   W   L   D   GF   GA   +/- 
Ontario iMove Blue Collars
Illinois Innebandy Chicago     
Manitoba St. James FC
Ontario Striation Six

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