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CanCam 25th anniversary issue, January 2007
Editor-in-chief Maki Ikame[1]
Categories Fashion
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 615,002 (2014)[2]
Publisher Shogakukan
First issue 23 November 1981
Country Japan
Language Japanese

CanCam (キャンキャン Kyankyan?) is a Japanese monthly fashion magazine published by Shogakukan. Its name supposedly derives from "I Can Campus", because girls who read it are expected to become "campus leaders".[3] The magazine was created for fashion-conscious consumers, and offers information on fashion, makeup, bags, accessories, and related topics. The magazine is targeted as a mote-kei (モテ系?) fashion resource to novice office ladies as well as university students.


In March 2007 Shogakukan launched the sister magazine, AneCan, which is targeted at women in their mid- to late twenties. Model Moe Oshikiri left CanCam to become a regular for the magazine. In August 2008, it was announced that another of the magazine's popular models, Yuri Ebihara, would be "graduating" from the magazine and moving on to AneCan. Ebihara's last appearance in CanCam was the December 2008 issue. Oshikiri and Ebihara were previously part of the well-known CanCam trio with Yu Yamada.[4]

Exclusive models[edit]






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