Can I Burn?

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Can I Burn?
Can I Burn.jpg
Studio album by Fiend
Released September 19, 2000
Recorded 1999-2000
Genre Hip hop
Label Fiend Entertainment
Producer Fiend, David Banner
Fiend chronology
Street Life
(1999)Street Life1999
Can I Burn
Dat's How It Happen to'M
(2002)Dat's How It Happen to'M2002

Can I Burn? is the fourth album released by the rapper Fiend. It was released on September 19, 2000 for Fiend's own label, Fiend Entertainment and featured production from Fiend and David Banner. After two successful albums for No Limit Records, Can I Burn? was his first independent release since 1995 and found mild chart success.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro"
  2. "Gone Get'm"
  3. "Lookwhutyallmademedo"
  4. "Long Change" (Featuring Dat Bitch Bugsy)
  5. "Welcome To" (Featuring Ward Block)
  6. "Come Thru" (Featuring Big Ed)
  7. "If I Had A Choice" (Featuring David Banner)
  8. "How Long "
  9. "Ride With The Heat" (Featuring Ward Block)
  10. "Everytime" (Featuring B-Shype)
  11. "Holla Back" (Featuring Blak Water)
  12. "Under D Influenclude"
  13. "Everywhere" (Featuring Speedknot Mobstaz & Twista)
  14. "D.R.U.G.S. " (Featuring Untouchable & Duck)
  15. "Life Ain't Fare"