Can Vies

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Can Vies
Centre Social Autogestionat Can Vies
The CSA Can Vies
General information
LocationSants, Barcelona
Coordinates41°22′27″N 2°08′05″E / 41.3741°N 2.1346°E / 41.3741; 2.1346
OwnerTransports Metropolitans de Barcelona

Can Vies (also known as Centre Social Autogestionat Can Vies) is a building located in the Sants neighborhood of Barcelona, built in 1879. It has been squatted since 1997 when a group of youths occupied it and began using it as an autonomous social centre and infoshop. In late May 2014 riots broke out in a successful attempt to stop an eviction. The building was partially demolished and rebuilt by the local community.

Eviction attempt[edit]

In May 2014, negotiations took place between the owners of the building, Barcelona's public transport operator Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona and the squatters.[1]. After the negotiations failed, the building was evicted on May 26 and demolition works commenced.[2] As a result, Barcelona experienced riots and protests during the following nights. The protests also spread to the cities of Madrid, Mallorca and Valencia.[1] The government sent an additional 200 police officers to Barcelona to help in dealing with the protests.[3] In a successful attempt to stop the demolition, protesters built barricades and set the excavator on fire.[4]


The building was resquatted and a community-based reconstruction program begun.[5] The local government announced on May 30 that the building would not be demolished.[6] Can Vies launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund the rebuilding costs, which were estimated at €70,000.[7] In the end, €90,000 was quickly raised.[5]


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