Can You Keep a Secret? (film)

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Can You Keep a Secret?
Directed byElise Duran
Produced by
  • Claude Dal Farra
  • Brice Dal Farra
  • Brian Keady
Screenplay byPeter Hutchings
Based onCan You Keep a Secret?
by Sophie Kinsella
Music byJeff Cardoni
CinematographyAutumn Eakin
Edited by
  • Nathaniel Krause
  • Jason Nicholson
Distributed byVertical Entertainment
Release date
  • September 13, 2019 (2019-09-13)
Running time
95 minutes
CountryUnited States

Can You Keep a Secret? is a 2019 American independent romantic comedy film directed by Elise Duran and stars Alexandra Daddario and Tyler Hoechlin. It is based on the novel of same name by Sophie Kinsella, with the screenplay was adapted by Peter Hutchings.[1][2]

Can You Keep a Secret? was released in theaters and video on demand on September 13, 2019.[3]


Emma Corrigan is a New York junior marketing representative at Panda, an organic food company, in Chicago for a sales meeting which could earn her a promotion. The client declines. Emma gets drunk on the flight back to New York and reveals her personal and professional woes to a handsome stranger, including her dissatisfaction with her boyfriend Connor. Connor meets her at the airport and suggests they move in together. She agrees but regrets it the next morning.

Back at work Emma prepares for the visit of Panda CEO Jack Harper. When he arrives, Emma recognizes him as the handsome stranger from the plane. He agrees not to say anything or fire her, if she in return not reveal that he was in Chicago.

In a marketing meeting Emma suggests that the target demographic for their "Panda Bites" product line should not be millennials, but the elderly. Connor and other coworkers say the product should be axed. Emma later asks Nick, the rep responsible for Panda Bites, for a cut of the marketing budget to test her theory.

Emma calls Connor to the archive room for spontaneous sex in an attempt to reinvigorate their relationship. When Connor refuses, Emma breaks up with him. Jack asks her out to dinner and the two begin a passionate relationship. Jack, however, remains secretive. Emma's roommate and best friend Lissy cautions her that their relationship may be too one-sided.

Jack discusses Panda's products on television with the office watching. He describes the company's new target demographic as the "girl on the street", and going into greater detail begins describing Emma, listing all of her secrets. Although he doesn't name her, her coworkers realize it is she and begin mocking her. Jack realizes too late what he's done. Emma refuses to take his calls. When he finds her at a coffee shop, Emma demands to know why he has been going to Chicago. Jack is reluctant and Emma leaves. Lissy and their other roommate Gemma suggest Emma get even by revealing his secrets. Gemma suggests a tabloid reporter friend help find out about Chicago but Emma declines.

At a marketing meeting, the boss Cybill congratulates Nick for the ad in a magazine for the elderly which has paid off. When he takes the credit without mentioning it was Emma's idea, she calls him out, and requests the promotion she was promised. Cybill agrees.

Jack reveals the reason for his trips to Chicago: he has been working to ensure that his goddaughter stays out of the spotlight after the death of her father so she can have a normal life. Emma forgives him, however Gemma arrives with her reporter friend and Jack leaves in anger. Emma tracks him down on a plane back to Chicago. She assures him she told the reporter nothing and expresses gratitude that he loved her when she was her true self. He then begins to reveal all of his secrets to her.



The film was released on September 13, 2019.[3]


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