Can de Palleiro

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Can de Palleiro ( Galician Shepherd )
Galician Palleiro Dog
Other names Can de Palleiro
Galician Shepherd
Country of origin Spain
Weight Male 30-38 Kg
Female 25-33 Kg
Height Male 59-65 cm
Female 57-63 cm
Coat uniform
Color sand, cinnamon, grizzly, brown and black.
Classification / standards
Not recognized by any major kennel club
Dog (Canis lupus familiaris)

Can de Palleiro also known as Galician Shepherd is a dog breed originating in Galicia.

Commonly known as Can de Palleiro (Dog of the straw-loft), is well appreciated among Galicians and well recognized by its name in this northern region of Spain. At present, this dog breed is in potential danger of extinction due its limited number. Individuals through associations like "Club Can de Palleiro" are struggling to preserve this breed.

General Specifications

This animal is of Indo-European, rustic and strong trunk, of lupoid type (Mégnin, P., 1897), of straight profile, with a length of about 60–62 cm to the cross; with harmonic proportions and strong constitution, with wide bones, characteristic of its rusticity. The females have slighter aspect and long line proportions. In spite of presenting strong bones their movements are fast and have of good musculation


Shepherd and guardian, because as much he goes with the cows, guiding and keeping them, he also takes care of the house. Guardian of proverbial intelligence, presents a strong and reserved character with the strangers, being in addition brave, characteristic that makes it great collaborator guiding and guarding the cattle. This dog shows great fidelity towards its master and with the people in the house with whom he becomes sweet and calm. It is necessary to emphasize the stability and balance of this animal, characteristics of the cattledogs.

Can de Palleiro pups.

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