Canaan Station, New Brunswick

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Canaan Station is a Canadian community, located in Westmorland County, New Brunswick. The community is situated in southeastern New Brunswick, to the northwest of Moncton. Canaan Station is located mainly at the intersection of New Brunswick Route 126 and New Brunswick Route 485. which is also situated around the Canaan River. Canaan Station is sometimes referred to as Canaan, New Brunswick.


  • In July 1930 an Al G. Barnes Circus train consisted of 29 cars, passed Canaan Station, the 18th car jumped the rails and it and the remaining cars piled into a tangled heap killing 4 and injuring several others.[1]

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  1. ^ Al G. Barnes Circus: Train Wreck Article, Killing 4 injuring several others.

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Coordinates: 46°15′00″N 65°03′40″W / 46.250°N 65.061°W / 46.250; -65.061