Canada–Singapore relations

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Canada–Singapore relations
Map indicating locations of Canada and Singapore



Canada–Singapore relations refers to the current and historical relations between Canada and Singapore. Both are full members of the Commonwealth of Nations. In Singapore, Canada is represented by a High Commission. Singapore's Ambassador to the United Nations in New York City is also a non-resident High Commissioner to Canada.

With no embassy or ambassador in Canada, the Honorary Consul General in Vancouver is the diplomatic mission of Singapore in Canada. Until 2014 there was a Consul General in Toronto, but closed with services directed to Vancouver or New York City.[1]

These ties are enhanced by the many Canadians who reside in Singapore, and the 83,000 Canadians that visit the city-state every year.[2]

The Canadian International School in Singapore was opened in 1990.

Bilateral Trade[edit]

Canada's Merchandise Trade with Singapore, 2015[3]

Canadian Imports from Singapore Canadian Exports to Singapore
Merchandise Classification % of total imports Merchandise Classification % of total exports
1. Boilers, mechanical appliances, etc. 21.19 Boilers, mechanical appliances, etc. 26.85
2. Electrical machinery and equipment 19.65 Pearls, precious stones or metals 19.30
3. Optical, medical, scientific, technical instrumentation 15.10 Aircraft and spacecraft 16.97
4. Miscellaneous chemical products 12.58 Electrical machinery and equipment 7.59
5. Organic chemicals 12.12 Optical, medical, scientific, technical instrumentation 5.18
6. Pharmaceutical products 4.16 Plastic and plastic articles 3.29
7. Plastic and plastic articles 1.59 Oil seeds and misc. fruit, grain, etc. 1.55
8. Iron or steel articles 1.17 Fats, oils and waxes 1.54
9. Aircraft and spacecraft 1.17 Woodpulp; paper or paperboard scraps 1.28
10. Printed books, newspapers, etc. 0.89 Motor vehicles, trailers, bicycles, motorcycles 1.05
Top 10 as % of total import from Singapore 89.61 Top 10 as % of total export to Singapore 84.60
Singaporean imports as % of Cdn total 0.18 Singaporean exports as % of Cdn total 0.25