Canada–Ukraine Free Trade Agreement

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Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement (CUFTA, French: Accord de libre-échange Canada-Ukraine (ALECU), Ukrainian: Угода про вільну торгівлю між Україною та Канадою) is a free-trade agreement between Canada and Ukraine.[1][2][3] According to the agreement, the signing parties eliminate custom duties on essentially all goods produced in one country and imported to the other. The agreement was signed on 11 July 2016 in Kyiv, Ukraine, and has come into force on 1 August 2017.

The signing ceremony took place in Kyiv and it was attended by Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada), Chrystia Freeland (Minister of International Trade of Canada), Petro Poroshenko (President of Ukraine), Volodymyr Groysman (Prime Minister of Ukraine), Stepan Kubiv (First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine).[4]

The ratification process of the agreement was concluded in June 2017, and the agreement will enter into force on 1 August 2017.[5]

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