Canada–Uruguay relations

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Canada-Uruguay relations
Map indicating locations of Canada and Uruguay


Embassy of Canada in Plaza Independencia, Montevideo.

Canada–Uruguay relations are foreign relations between Canada and Uruguay. Both countries are members of the Cairns Group and the Organization of American States.


Canada and Uruguay established diplomatic relations in January 1951.[1] In 1953, Canada's first appointed ambassador to Uruguay was based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In April 2001, Uruguayan President Jorge Batlle paid a visit to Canada to attend the 3rd Summit of the Americas being held in Quebec City.[2]

Both nations have signed several bilateral agreements such as a Foreign Investment Protection Agreement (1999); Social Security Agreement (2002); Audiovisual Co-Production Agreement (2005); Air Transportation Agreement (2012) and a Tax Information Exchange Agreement (2013).[1]

In 2014, 2,000 Uruguayan tourists visited Canada. At the same time, 11,000 Canadian tourists visited Uruguay.[1]


In 2014, trade between Canada and Uruguay totaled $162 million USD.[1] Canada's main exports to Uruguay include: agricultural machinery, dried lentils, potassium chloride and parts of gas turbines. Uruguay's main exports to Canada include: frozen boneless bovine meat, fresh or dried citrus, wool, frozen hake fillets and fresh blueberries.[1] Canadian multinational companies such as BlackBerry, Scotiabank and Thomson Reuters operate in Uruguay.

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