Canada–Portugal relations

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Canada – Portugal relations
Map indicating locations of Canada and Portugal



CanadaPortugal relations are the bilateral relations between Canada and Portugal.

Diplomatic relations between Canada and Portugal officially began in 1946.


In 2012, bilateral merchandise trade totalled (CAD) $434.4 million. Canada's exports at $124.3 million, was down from $225.4 million in 2011, due to significantly reduced domestic consumption in Portugal. Oilseeds, cereals, canola oil, machinery, paper and paperboard were among the leading export goods from Canada to Portugal. Imports from Portugal in 2012 were $310.1 million, down from $357.6 million in 2011. Wines, iron/steel, mineral fuels and oils (crude), footwear and cork among the leading export goods from Portugal to Canada.[1]

Diplomatic missions[edit]

Canada has an embassy in Lisbon while Portugal has an embassy in Ottawa.

Portuguese communities[edit]

There is a Portuguese community in Toronto. This area where most Portuguese Canadians live is called Little Portugal. There is also one in Montréal.

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