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HMS Captain San Nicolas San Josef.jpg
HMS Captain capturing the San Nicolas and the San Josef at the Battle of Cape St Vincent, 14 February 1797
Class overview
Name: Canada
Operators:  Royal Navy
Preceded by: Arrogant class
Succeeded by: Ramillies class
In service: 17 September 1765 - 1834
Completed: 4
General characteristics
Type: Ship of the line
  • 170 ft (52 m) (gundeck)
  • 133 ft (41 m) (keel)
Beam: 46 ft 9 in (14.25 m)
Propulsion: Sails
  • 74 guns:
  • Gundeck: 28 × 32-pounders
  • Upper gundeck: 28 × 18-pounders
  • Quarterdeck: 14 × 9-pounders
  • Forecastle: 4 × 9-pounders
Notes: Ships in class include: Canada, Majestic, Orion, Captain

The Canada class ships of the line were a series of four 74-gun third rates designed for the Royal Navy by William Bateley. The name ship of the class was launched in 1765.


During this period in British naval architecture, the 74-gun third rates were divided into two distinct groupings: the 'large' and 'common' classes. The Canada class ships belonged to the latter grouping, carrying 18-pounder guns on their upper gun decks, as opposed to the 24-pounders of the large class.


HMS Captain, made famous for Nelson's actions at the Battle of Cape St Vincent, belonged to this class of ships.


Builder: Woolwich Dockyard
Ordered: 1 December 1759
Launched: 17 September 1765
Fate: Broken up, 1834
Builder: Adams & Barnard, Deptford
Ordered: 23 August 1781
Launched: 11 December 1785
Fate: Broken up, 1816
Builder: Barnard, Deptford
Ordered: 2 October 1782
Launched: 1 June 1787
Fate: Broken up, 1814
Builder: Batson, Limehouse
Ordered: 14 November 1782
Launched: 26 January 1787
Fate: Burned and broken up, 1813


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